Grounded but Happy

Travel is a huge part of me, my family, and who we are. Since a very young age we have traveled to different places around the world, met amazing people, learned knew things, and been able to appreciate both how different and similar we all are. As a result of all of these experiences, I have deeply ingrained love for travel and cultural encounters. Now, however, I don’t live with my family. I’m meant to have my mind on my studies, preparing for life in the real world, but I often find myself distracted with daydreams about other places and would rather just get out and experience it. For now, I’m fairly stuck in here in “the north,” but thanks to the internet, the world has never been so small or within our reach! That’s exactly how This Northern Life was formed.

This site is about making the most of every travel opportunity. Me, I’m raring to go out and see more of the world, but all I have time to do right now is prepare for it. I reasoned that in the meantime, I can help others do the same thing for their faster approaching vacations. So hopefully there will be something useful here for every traveler! To help with that, I’m also receiving posts from all over the world (handily enough) with resources, tips, and ideas about travel, all shared anonymously here on the blog. Come look, but don’t stay. You’ve got traveling to do!