A Trucking Company In ID Helped To Move Our Farm Equipment

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

This last year we moved across the state of Idaho. My father has owned a farm in central Idaho for years and decided to move himself and all of his farm equipment to Melba where there was an opportunity for him to farm more land. The main problem with this move was that moving heavy farm equipment was very hard. We were able to easily move the house and all of the belongings that we owned, but moving the heavy equipment was another story. Luckily, my father found a trucking company in ID that transports large things.

What happened was that we took all of the equipment and put it together outside the farm grounds. Then the trucking company in ID came and picked up everything with their staff. They brought all of the equipment and unloaded it for us at our new farm. It was quite the sight seeing this huge truck carry all of our equipment a couple hours up the road, but I don’t know how else it could have been done. Now we are able to farm in a better area and so far we have had a better year than the past couple years combined. It was a good move for our family.

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