Do You Know About Jet Fuel In Springfield IL?

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The jet fuel that the average, qualified person in Illinois will be different than what the military has. There are several types of jet fuel that are in use today by non-military companies, but obviously obtaining is not like going up to the neighborhood gas station and asking to fill it up. Assuming that you work for a company that has a legal right to buy it or you have an appropriate certification that says you are able to access and use it, you will have several types to choose from.

The most common type of jet fuel in Springfield IL and throughout the United States is known as Jet A-1. This jet fuel should not be confused with Jet B, which is an alternative fuel safe to use in extremely cold weather. Besides both being jet fuels, and despite the fact that their names are similar, they have very little in common. Jet fuel in Springfield IL and all over the country includes kerosene as a primary ingredient , with Jet A-1 also including paraffin oil.

Obviously, kerosene and paraffin oil are not sufficient on their own to make a jet run, so the fuel itself includes many additives to allow it to work better, and provide anti-static and anti-gumming properties. Finally, jet fuel is very flammable and extreme care should always be taken while working with or around it.


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