We Used A Charter Bus From Barrington, IL.

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I’m part of a very special book club. We focus on books that are fictitious, but whose characters are placed in different times of our history. Recently, we read The Fort and For Want of a Nail, which both take place during the Revolutionary War. We got so involved in these books that we collectively decided to take a charter bus from Barrington, IL so that we travel to Boston, Massachusetts, the city that is known as “The Cradle of Liberty.”

Our trip in the charter bus from Barrington, IL was absolute perfection! First of all, we all had such a good time traveling together, and secondly, we were very comfortable and thankful that we didn’t have to do the driving! The huge windows let us see the countryside and, when we arrived in Boston, we could see all the sights there as well. Our hotel was lovely, and very conveniently situated. We took the walking tour that led us to all the historic sights. We were glad that we had planned a two day stay in Boston, because there was so much to see. We even went to the interesting neighborhoods, like Little Italy. It was there that we found Mike’s Bakery, where we bought Italian pastries to take home with us. Of course, we selected a boxful for our wonderful bus driver too!

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