We Use Self Storage Rentals In Fayetteville NC

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Travel | 0 comments

Because we are now empty nesters, we have sold our large home. Our first three children have married and are beginning their own lives. Our youngest is in her second year of college. When we moved into our smaller home, we still wanted to be able to help our children keep the belongings from their past. We just didn’t have room to store their things at our new house. Self storage rentals in Fayetteville NC has been a great solution for us, and it’s affordable.

We rented a small unit at self storage rentals in Fayetteville NC. When our children were home for the annual family reunion, we had a big cleaning and organization event. We were about to move out of our home, and into our new home, so we took this opportunity to get some help from our kids. We took everything out of our attic, and just set it on the drive way in back of our home. There were three stacks, a garbage stack, a charity donations stack, and a stack for mementos. We had large plastic bins, and when they were filled and labeled, they were taken to our storage unit. Now, when the kids are home, they can get things out as they need them. The only thing I ask is for a little corner of the unit that I can use for my holiday items.

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